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Strategic Guidance For Boston & Suffolk County REACH OUT TO PERLMAN & WING


Well Prepared

I got the impression that Max Perlman, like many attorneys, schedules himself pretty aggressively. While I definitely had to do the tiniest bit of chasing when it came to communication at the outset, the results were fantastic. Moreover, it became clear on game-day that he was well prepared and most important, achieved the desired result in his assistance with my traffic citation. $250 well spent! Thanks Max!

-Timothy Martell

Great Lawyer

JP Wing is a great lawyer. I have used him many times and he has always come through. he has been a great friend as well. If you need a good lawyer that will fight for you contact him.

-Chris Y

Practical Advice

Over the last several years I have had several clients and friends who have needed J.P.'s services as they faced some very serious criminal charges. Each and every time J.P. demonstrates not only his vast knowledge of the criminal justice system but also brings practical advice to the situation so that his clients can make an informed decision as to whether they should proceed to trial or not. My confidence in J.P. has continued to grow over time and it is without reservation that I would recommend anyone facing criminal charges to utilize J.P.'s services.

-Scott Clifford