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Strategic Guidance For Boston & Suffolk County REACH OUT TO PERLMAN & WING

Practice Areas

Couple sitting in front of divorce papers


Get in touch with experienced attorneys in order to end your marriage amicably.

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Man in handcuffs

Criminal Defense

If you've been accused of a crime, you need to understand your options.

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Person avoiding the phone

Restraining Order

If a restraining order has been issued or violated, you still have rights.

Attorney talking to a woman

Prosecution Defense

Don't face your legal challenges alone. Work with a skilled attorney today.

Man with his hands on a woman's leg

Harassment Orders

If you're worried about a harassment order, reach out for legal advice.

Hands holding a family cutout

Family Law

From child custody to the adoption process, let a skilled attorney help.

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Mother taking care of a child

Child Custody Modifications

Child custody agreements can be modified. Let a family law attorney help.

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Daughter hugging her mom


Adoption can be exciting & challenging. Get an advocate on your side.

Grandparents playing with grandchild

Grandparents' Rights

Find out what rights grandparents have in Massachusetts.

Dad walking child to work

Child Support Enforcement

Enforcing child support is an important part of the divorce process as a whole.

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Man with arm in cast

Personal Injury

Seek fair compensation after an injury to cover medical bills, lost wages, & more.

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Landlord pointing at contract


Don't face a landlord-tenant dispute alone. Work with an attorney today.