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custom strategies

Everyone's story is different, which is why you'll receive a customized legal approach to fit your unique needs.

diverse perspectives

It's important for your attorneys to play devil's advocate, considering multiple points of view to advance your case.

compassionate goals

When so much is on the line, Perlman & Wing listen to your story, understand your motivations, and treat you like family.

Divorce & Criminal Defense Attorneys
in Quincy, Massachusetts

Attorney Max Perlman

Max Perlman

Attorney at Law

Max Perlman has always been passionate about advocating for others. After earning his J.D. from Boston University School of Law, he joined the Norfolk County District Attorney's office as a prosecutor. His experience with a wide range of criminal cases at the DA's office allowed him to fine-tune his litigation skills, leading him to start Perlman & Wing, LLP and provide personalized legal services to individuals throughout Boston.


JP Wing

Attorney at Law

With over a decade of experience practicing law, Attorney Wing approaches each case strategically and collaboratively. Born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, his goal is to work with clients in the Boston area who are experiencing difficult moments in their lives—from criminal accusations and personal injuries to divorce and child custody disputes—and help them move forward with confidence.


"At our firm, clients come first—no matter who you are, where you've been, or where you're headed."

Max Perlman

navigating divorce with reason & compassion

When significant changes occur in your marriage or your family, it's natural to feel hesitant about where to turn for help. Confronted with the reality of a divorce, you will require someone with the skill and compassion to guide you through the process—someone to lessen your burden.

For more than a decade and a half, Perlman & Wing, LLP in Quincy, MA has guided individuals in Boston and surrounding communities toward peace of mind and a secure future during uncertain times. Allow the patience and the experience of full-service divorce attorneys to help you begin to move forward.

As dedicated divorce lawyers, Perlman & Wing, LLP can walk you through the filing process, mediate conversations between you and your partner, and represent you if your case goes to court. Attorney Perlman and Attorney Wing will craft strategies suited to your unique situation and will stand in your corner.

In divorce or other issues involving our families, it's important to put your trust in experience. Whether it's spousal support, property division, or post-decree modifications, don't leave your legal issue to chance. Reach out to Perlman & Wing, LLP for reasonable, compassionate guidance in divorce and family law.

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Facing Your Future With Confidence

Anyone facing criminal charges understands how damaging a criminal conviction can be. Having a conviction on your record can lead to devastating consequences that often last a lifetime. A conviction can make it difficult for you to find employment, buy a house, or rent an apartment; it can even make it difficult to win custody of your children.

With these consequences in the balance, you deserve to have a criminal defense attorney on your side with the experience and drive to fearlessly defend your rights. From their experience in Boston Municipal Court (BMC) Central Divison and elsewhere, Attorney Perlman and Attorney Wing have learned that skilled advocacy is key to protecting your future. They will listen to your story, craft a strategy suited to your needs and goals, and put you in a position to seek justice.

Whether you've been arrested for a DUI or you're facing more serious charges like drug possession or assault, our team of attorneys works hard to ensure you have a strong defense. You will also need a dedicated attorney if you've suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of someone else—an attorney to help you seek the compensation you deserve. Neither the criminal justice system nor the big insurance companies are looking after your best interests. That's where Perlman & Wing come in, working hard to protect what matters most to you.

If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime or needs guidance in personal injury or family law, don't wait. Reach out today to get the help you need. If you live in Quincy, Dedham, or Boston, including Dorchester, schedule a consultation with Perlman & Wing, LLP to face your future with confidence again.